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September 19th, 2011

Will he, won’t he?

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I spent a shift this week suffering the fallout of the ‘sickness policy’ at work.

Some time ago they invented a job for one of the controllers which a) took them out of the control room and b) gave them a manager’s salary to basically ring  people up when they were sick and get them to return as soon as possible, that and threaten to remove their right to sock leave if they kept going sick.

Sickness is a dodgy subject, you must be able to remain at home when genuinely ill but lots of people pull duvet days when they can’t be arsed, for whatever reason.

I tend not to go sick, I’m quite lucky in that if I get a cold it’s usually pretty mild, I never get flu and the only time I tend to go sick is when I injure myself.

People who have gone off sick more than however many times in six months the policy states (I’m not sure what the warning level is as it’s never applied to me) are threatened with being taken out and shot, or something equally drastic, if they go sick again. The upshot is that when they are genuinely sick they come into work, couch, splutter and moan all day, fail to do a good job because they’re not up to it and you have to cover them, and spread their bloody germs around the room so that people who don’t normally go sick, have to go sick.

I sometimes think management can;t see beyond the end of their noses.

I’m currently waiting to see whether I’ve escaped the ravages of another exposure to someone else’s snot and flem flying round my ears.