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September 18th, 2011

An Englishman’s Home

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So another householder has been arrested on suspicion of murder after two men broke into his home.

Greater Manchester Police said that the incident occurred during Saturday evening when two burglars forced their way into the home of Mr Vincent Cooke. The victim was threatened in his own home by burgling scum and it is alleged one of them ended up on the sticky side of a sharp pointy thing. He will not be able to burgle any more people’s homes. The second burglar was arrested some time later after he fled the scene.

This is the third case recently of burglars being killed by householders. The first two were not prosecuted. After the most recent case prosecutors said: “Householders, shopkeepers and anyone going about their lawful day to day activities can be reassured that the law will protect them if they use reasonable force to protect themselves, their families and their property“.

Lets hope the CPS do the right thing this time, too.