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September 17th, 2011

Teenage Boys are Angels – Fact!

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The Daily Shite is at it again with their take on an incident in which police tasered a violent teenager.

Of course the Shite doesn’t say that what it actually says is: “A schoolboy was Tasered by police after locking his mother out of the house.”

The incident occurred back in June when a woman called 999 after a domestic with her son left her locked out of her own house. Police attended and eventually the boy came out. He told the Fail: “I came out, held my hands up and said ‘I want to negotiate with my mum’. The next moment they all jumped on me. There was a scuffle and they tried to throw me to the ground but I wouldn’t go down so they Tasered me. I didn’t know what was happening.

“I want to negotiate with my mum”? Negotiate? How about you do what ever the fuck your parents tell you to do, try behaving for a change. Therein lies the sorry tale of the sandal-wearing liberals that have fucked up British society, don’t get me started.

The officers arrested the boy for assault police times 2 though the CPS later chose not to charge any offences.

Mother and son can’t understand why the boy was tasered and arrested. There might be a clue in the words from the little lamb’s mouth, “There was a scuffle and they tried to throw me to the ground but I wouldn’t go down.” Or, ‘I was so violent that officers felt in imminent danger of violence against them and the best method to control the violence was to use a Taser. They could of course have battered him with a few feet of metal, which would have been the only other choice until Taser was issued. Perhaps Mum would have preferred little Jimmy to have had a few cuts & bruises or maybe a broken bone rather than a short sharp shock which did no harm other than to make him think twice about refusing to do what he was being told.

The mother has said “I thought they would just get him out of the house and take him to his sister’s or something to calm down.” Maybe  she should have tried bringing her son up to respect authority, hers and the police’s and then she’d not have to ring the police to come down and bring her son up for her.

Inevitably the boy has  been traumatised by events, suffering feelings of confusion with panic and anxiety attacks. The family are considering suing.

I was much heartened by the Shite’s comments section on their website:

“Sons bargains with Mum – are you KIDDING? I would have broken the window to get into my own home then binned his TV, mobile phone and computer. Finally, all pocket money would have been suspended until the cost of the window repair was met. It’s called parental training, get on with it.”

”There was a scuffle and they tried to throw me to the ground but I wouldn’t go down so they Tasered me.” Otherwise known as resisting arrest.”

“cps should be ashamed he assaults police resists arrest but the police are in the frame for over reacting? you couldn`t make it up what a joke”

“Her 16 year son locks her out the house, she calls the police,they come, he resists arrest and they do their job, Now she considering suing them, unbelievable….next time sort out your own domestic issues and stop wasting police time.”

“The officers responded to a 999 call and the boy resisted arrest, it’s a shame this isn’t the normal response.”

“Is this another of those cases that the family now want two sue the force? Now mother finds her spiteful son not so bad after all. Resists arrest and you get the treatment full stop. Do us all a favor and stop wasting police time.”

“I want to negotiate with my mum”. ‘The next moment they all jumped on me. There was a scuffle and they tried to throw me to the ground but I wouldn’t go down so they Tasered me…. If I had been the copper I would have sent eight or nine ‘Smart Alec’ members of the public in to get injured, why risk injury to yourself?”

“Tough luck. Next time do as your told. When they say down you get down Good on the police.”

“Lets have some proper reporting DM, not your usual anti police innuendo. A Taser is only drawn when a person has become so violent there is a risk of serious injury to officers or others. And fired when all other options have been exhausted. Firing a Taser is less likely to cause injury to the aggressor than use of batons, that can break bones or kill if a strike hits a vital body area. Any officer firing a Taser knows that he will be automatically referred to PSD or IPCC for investigation and if found to be unjustified in law, risks exposing that officer to criminal charges, dismissal and loss of pension. It isnÂ’t a decision taken lightly! Can you not try and paint the subject here as an “innocent little schoolboy”. A 16 year old male can be as aggressive and violent as a 40 year old, or didnÂ’t you pay attention during the riots.”