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September 13th, 2011

I fancy a money-spinner too

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I received an email from an outfit called Creative Non Fiction, publicising them accepting submissions for an upcoming issue about true crime.

They say: “We want true stories of petty theft, identity theft, embezzlement or first-degree murder; of jaywalking, selling (or maybe buying) weed or assault; of crimes and punishments and unsolved mysteries. Think “The Devil in the White City” (Larson), “In Cold Blood” (Capote) and “Iphigenia in Forest Hills” (Malcolm); or “Half a Life” (Strauss), “Lucky” (Sebold) and “The Night of the Gun” (Carr). If it’s against the law and someone—maybe even you!—did it anyway, we want to know all about it.” And are offering $1,000 for the best entry.”

I was going to publish their email in full, until I read the bit about wanting $20 “reading fee” for each entry.

I think I’ve just hit on an idea for Gadget to fund his new computer.


BTW, Planet Police have sorted out their technical issues and it’s all working OK now – thank you PP!