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September 10th, 2011

ck me

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Bloody ‘ell.

That was one evening at work, and it started so smoothly.

By 8pm the two of us in the controller’s seats were√ā¬†absolutely√ā¬†run ragged and the jobs came piling in. I don’t know what Veolia put in the water in the two divisions we were covering (the same two divisions which for the last 30 years or more had at least two controllers per division which now has just two controllers combined), but it sent some of the residents loopy. If they weren’t crashing into each other and nearly dying, they were hitting, choking or stabbing each other, and nearly dying.

Those who weren’t trying to batter the hell out of each other were wondering off into the countryside with or without tablets or knives, or just winding up anyone they could. I would think that in the period of 3 hours we probably had two and a half times as many immediate assignments as we normally do on a Saturday.

I don’t normally speak to the Emergency Social Services folk more than once a week, I spoke to them 3 times in 2 hours, we were on first name terms by the time I went home, I kid you not.

And that was on top of the 25 minutes I spent on the phone trying to get through to British Telecom to report one of their lines down. I rang the emergency number for BT Open Reach, when I got through to them they said they only deal with telegraph poles and said I had to ring ‘151’, so I rang 151, when I eventually got through (it took about 15 minutes just to get someone to say ‘hello’) they told me that I had to ring BT √ā¬†Open Reach on a different number. By the time I had spoken to them it was 25 minutes down the line, 25 minutes that my partner had been on his own dealing with all the normal radio stuff. I don’t know if BT have changed their call centres but it was unusually coincidental that all three people I spoke to had Indian accents.

I had to ring a care centre back after they reported someone pressing their assistance alarm. I rang them back 4 times, each time I had to do the ‘if you want this person press that number dance’ only to find on each occasion I got the same messages to say they were busy and would answer when someone was free. They had a great customer satisfaction tool in that after you had waited 4 minutes the line cut you off, that was another 20 minutes wasted on the phone.

We used to have people who could make calls for us when we were busy, sadly, as they have cut the numbers there’s never anyone spare to help you, even when you are running round like blue arsed flies dealing with emeregncies.

And I still think officers on the street think that the moment you stop speaking you must be sitting back with your finger up your arse surfing the ‘net.