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September 5th, 2011

I’ve got a plan

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So the next great idea to get the police to do more with less is to get them all to go to work wearing their uniforms. How fantastic is that. Depending on how far they live from their nick, you get an extra hour or 4four of police patrol and don’t have to pay them anything for doing it.

We all know the public like seeing police officers on the streets, they always did, in the days when I joined and police officers lived on their beats, all the estates were covered and every village had a dedicated officer who lived in one of the villages he covered. Then they sold off the family silver before realising a couple of years ago that maybe there was value in having ‘neighbourhood officers’ and started patting themselves on the back for coming up with the idea, as if they invesnted it.

Anyway, Policy Exchange, whoever the hell they are, think it would be great for public confidence for police officers to travel to work in full uniform, presumably not in their cars as nobody would see them, so maybe walking jauntily from their house to the station taking in the town centres on the way, or jumping on a bus or train which is situated a few yards from every police officers’ house and runs every fifteen minutes throughout the entire 24 hour period that officers have to get to work or get home. Call me cynical but I see a flaw in that plan, especially as most police officers drive to work.

So, on the way to work we can deal with anything that we might see or come across or have reported to us (I say ‘us’, it’s habit), we can go and deal with it. It won’t matter that we don’t have any protective gear, a radio, pepper spray, baton, protective vest, unless someone changes the law to allow us to keep it at home. Of course everyone will understand when we feel a little reticent to go and deal with the most violent people in society without and equipment or backup and everyone, including the Daily Fail, will understand completely that it’s not safe and we can just stand back and watch while trying to get through on a 999 call like everyone else.

I heard some comments on Radio Five this morning, most of which were basically saying that police officers were a bunch of pussies too scared to be seen in public.  I’m not sure how many of them have had their cars damaged four times and their shed set alight just because of the job they do, like I did when someone on my estate found out I was a police officer. I’ll also make a point of getting them to fix my car when it breaks down, for free, when they’re on the way to work.

Police officer regularly intervene when off duty, and not just on the way to work or back home, sometimes even on rest days when out with the family. I don;t think we really need some office-bound shiny arse moralising on national radio about the duty of officers to deal with things on or off duty. I wonder whether Policy Exchange really thought out the logistics about what would happen with all these officers doing police work for free, I mean, how would anyone ever get to work on time and that’s not even to consider the personal safety aspects or our rights to a private life between our clocking off and clocking on times.

I will make a prediction that this will not come in as long as my arsehole points towards the ground.