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September 4th, 2011

Bloody cheeks

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Thirty years ago this week I was tramping round the outskirts of an American Airbase trying to stop women cutting the fence and storming the base. This was the ‘peace’ camp at Greenham Common and some of those who took part are currently doing the rounds of the media outlets letting everyone know their earth mother sisterhood credentials and telling tales of sitting round camp fires singing kum-bah-ya.

I wonder which of them were the ones who walked round with the used tampons pinned to their jackets so police officers wouldn’t touch them. I’d particularly like to see the one who discovered a new way to stop a police van in its tracks; by squatting down in front of it & proceeding to pee all over the place in full sight of everyone, what a charmer.

I think we spent most of our time hauling women off the perimeter fence without trying to offend any sensibilities whilst being sworn and spat at.

Happy days.