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August 30th, 2011

Tied in Notts

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Up the workers.

Control room staff in Nottinghamshire went on strike today, along with other Unison staff which included PCSOs, call handlers, custody staff and administrators. The force had to draft in police officers to answer the calls and do all the donkey work on the radios. I was reminded by the lad in the school yard who gets punched in the mouth but stands there with a quivering lip saying ‘it didn;t hurt’ and then cries behind the bike sheds when the force said the strike was not having a major impact on their ability to deliver a top quality service.

Lets see if they are still saying that after a few more strikes, another is planned for Friday.

One hundred support staff have already lost their jobs in Nottinghamshire with more cuts planned.

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Ackerley said: “We had asked Unison to allow our control room staff to be exempt from industrial action due to the critical nature of the work they do. They would not agree to that. Consequently we have put police officers into that role.”

I’m guessing that had the control room staff not been on strike today then all those police officers who had to man the desks could have been out on the street attending to burglaries and speaking to people who deserved to see a police officer today. But it’s OK ‘cos it had little effect on policing in the area.