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August 24th, 2011

Guilty as charged

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Serial protester & anti establishment self-proclaimed mouthpiece, Jody McIntyre, had a result today after an IPCC investigation into his treatment during the December 2010 student fee protests decided he had been mistreated when he was dragged across the road by a police officer after confronting police and refusing to move. The agreed with the met Police’s investigation which found that his refusal to move at officers requests placed him in danger of being trampled by officers, protesters or police horses which were about to be delpoyed along the section of road he was refusing to move from.

It seems the IPCC were satisfied that the officers had the right to move McIntyre out of the way but disagreed with the manner in which it was done and this may have amounted to a common assault by police.

In a twist of irony, due to the fact that the IPCC always takes so long to investigate anything, the statute of limitations means that the six months in which proceedings for common assault need to be initiated has long passed and there is nothing that can be done under criminal law to prosecute any officers.

On reading McIntyre’s blogs or Twitter feed one would wonder why the need for the IPCC, or any other investigative body since McIntyre is able to try the police and find them guilty as soon as he hears of anything which he can use as ammo against the police.

If I can use the same approach he he does against him, his Twitter feed of 8th August – at the height of rioting in London when 44 officers had been injured, millions of pounds of damage had been done, lives had been put at risk & at least 4 people had been murdered by baying scum – was: “Be inspired by the scenes in tottenham, and rise up in your own neighbourhood. 100 people in every area = the way we can beat the feds.”

Guilty of incitement to riot, that’ll be four years’ imprisonment, take him down.