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August 21st, 2011

Great News

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One notable thing happened when I hung up my blue suit and donned the work clothes of a civilian – or should that be ‘support staff’? – my annual leave entitlement decreased. So for years of having X amount of days’ leave, I now have X minus, actually I’m not sure how many minus it is off the top of my head, I just know it’s less.

Which makes coming back from leave all the more depressing, knowing I have longer to wait for my next holiday because I’ve run out of leave.

I did find out a little of nugget of information while we were on holiday to cheer me up. Mrs Weeks actually did manage to get some tickets for an Olympic event next year. Unfortunately, we have one ticket less than the number in our family, all leave has been cancelled so I can’t book the day off to go, and even if the blanket ban on leave is lifted, I probably won’t have enough holiday left to take.

Chin chin.