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August 19th, 2011

Another pair of high heels?

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One thing I noticed while playing catchup on the whole riot thing was a little bit in the telegraph which was entitled “Holiday Money: Expenses for MPs who returned”.

It said that MPs who returned from their holidays to attend the emergency debate in the House of Commons last week will receive tens of thousands of pounds in expenses. The payouts will include the cost of air travel back to Britain if overseas holidays were interrupted. Travel to and from Parliament would be reimbursed, other costs would also be considered, for instance hotel bills.

I believe the Home Secretary, Theresa May, ‘ordered’ police chiefs to cancel all leave & get as many police officers who hadn’t been sacked yet in the cuts, out on the streets so she could go shopping in safety.

The expenses of police officers cancelling their holiday plans in order to clean up the mess made by successive governments runs to, oh yeah, fuck all.