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August 13th, 2011

Waste of space

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Figures released recently suggest that the police are failing to investigate 1/3 of all reported crime. In London, the figure is even higher at 44%.

I guess this means that a third of crimes get recorded and then nothing further happens with them. I’m surprised the figure is that low given the amount of information and evidence available on most recorded crime.

Sadly, despite the country being the most surveilled in the world, not every criminal is recorded going about their daily business. Most offenders don’t leave their fingerprints or DNA in labelled packages ready for collection, neither do most of them accidentally drop their driving licence or benefits claim forms behind at the scene of their deeds.

Most crimes aren’t witnessed by neighbours who identify the offender during house to√ā¬†house√ā¬†enquiries. Someone should do a cost-benefit analysis around the worth of doing door-to-door enquiries and how much information is gleaned/crimes solved as a direct result. I spent thousands of hours knocking on doors after burglaries, damage and theft and can count the amount of useful information I received in all√ā¬†those√ā¬†thousands and thousands of enquiries on the fingers of a Twix bar.

Given that there is now way on this planet we’ll ever have the resources to investigate every crime as thoroughly as the Times would wish, perhaps they would prefer we wasted all the time making it look like we cared rather than investigating stuff which has a better chance of being detected.