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August 12th, 2011

Call that an excuse?

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Shock news to the chief of North Yorkshire; they closed one of their two control rooms and went over to single room last year. New figures reveal they are now answering 999 calls ONE SECOND slower than they did a year ago!

This year sees those disgraces on the North Yorkshire call centre slacking off by taking five seconds to answer an emergency call rather than the four it took them in 2010. Probably all sitting on their arses looking at the internet and going for fag breaks every 30 seconds. What a bunch of wasters.

Chief Constables love getting their stats up the top of the tree showing everyone else what a good job they are doing. The Chief  will probably be apoplectic with rage at the dismal 25% increase in call waiting times.

The acting Deputy Chief  came up with the following lame excuse for such shocking figures: “We’ve only seen some very slight decreases in our call-handling performance but that has to put against a change in control rooms and more staff being recruited into York who have yet to start.”