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August 10th, 2011

Killing for fun

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Five more reasons why enforced sterilisation should be considered in the form of Chantelle Booth, 22, Daniel Newstead, 20, Joe Boyer, 18, Duncan Edwards, 19 and Jessica Lynas, 19.

Booth, Newstead and Boyer have been convicted of murder and the other two of manslaughter following a case where they befriended a vulnerable disabled lady only to torture and kill her.

Gemma Hayter, aged 27, from Rugby, had a rare congenital disorder which caused learning difficulties and a distinctive physical appearance with a large head and crossed eyes. She was described as someone who would trust anyone who showed any interest in her.

She was befriended by the group and agreed to meet them despite having been assaulted by them previously. In an act of despicable cruelty the group forced her to drink urine, beat her severely and put a plastic bag over her head. They stripped her naked, kicked her in the face and stabbed her in the neck. Gemma suffocated. Her naked body was then dumped. There were no motives for the attack, other than pleasure.

During the trial the group blamed each other. They showed no concerns or remorse and mucked about between themselves while evidence was being heard.

They pleaded not guilty but have been convicted.

The charity Mencap estimates that nine out of ten people with a learning disability is verbally harassed or assaulted because of their disability.