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August 7th, 2011

We don’t know we’re born

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I regularly post about the deaths of police officers abroad, particularly in America. The USA loses roughly between 150 and 200 officers a year, maybe a third are killed in accidents while most of  the others are murdered.

We lose between 8 and 15 a year and most of them through accidents.

I was reading recently that South Africa loses 100 officers a year to murder. They’ve also lost 15 officers this year to suicide. They have around 190,000 police officers while the USA has almost 1 million officers.

Mind you, that all pales into insignificance when you look at Afghanistan. In the two years until March 2011 they lost 2,770 police officers and over 4,700 were injured. That’s more than the total number of Afghan or American soldiers killed in the war to date.

Food for thought.