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August 6th, 2011

Smarten up

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Kent Police have their knickers in a twist over officers and their tattoos.

They have just issued guidance calling for officers to cover up their tattoos. Assistant Chief Constable Allyn Thomas has said that he expected Kent officers to look smart and professional when on duty.

A statement issued by the force said that “The policy at Kent Police is that some tattoos could potentially offend members of the public or colleagues, or could bring discredit to the police service. Staff with tattoos that detract from displaying a professional image may be asked to cover them. A tattoo is deemed to be offensive if it is rude, lewd, crude, discriminatory, violent or intimidating.”

Call me old fashioned but I’d have thought that issuing edicts about offensive tattoos after you’ve employed someone to be in the public eye was a little bit late. Either it’s acceptable to have such tattoos as a police officer or it’s not and if it’s not why have you employed someone with such tattoos thus risking the human rights of anyone who might possibly be offended by said tattoos?

Is ‘smart and professional’ a matter of personal choice? If not they might want to look at all the officers with facial piercings, sticky-up gelled hair & stomachs the size of Leichtenstein that make them look like a bag of shit.