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August 4th, 2011

What a w*nker

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Regular readers will know of my dislike, nay disgust, with professional footballers, particularly in the Premiership so will not be surprised at another post about convicted criminal Joey Barton appearing in this blog once again.

He has, at last, been effectively sacked from Newcastle United following his continued online rants at the team on his Twitter page after they gave him a second, or was it a third, chance by taking him back after he was jailed for a viscous assault.

What really struck me on the BBC News report was a comment from his agent, Willie Mackay, who said when talking about negotiations on Barton’s contract with the club: “There was no way we were going to take a cut in his wages.”

That, in a time when police officers, nurses, and people who actually do the country some good rather than self-serving, ego-inflated, thugs who think the world revolves around them, are taking huge pay cuts or being made redundant.

Barton earns £70,000 per week kicking people about, a ball around a park.