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August 2nd, 2011

Policing is just another job

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So the next round of cuts to the cash that police officers earn has been announced today.

When I joined the job the terms and conditions were laid out in black and white. That included the pension. When I started the game I expected the goal posts to be in the same position at the end of the match as they were at the start. If I’d realised they were going to put them in another field, I might not have signed up for the full 90 minutes.

I guess that must be how a lot of officers are feeling right now, that and the feeling of having been kicked in the teeth by the referee.

For officers who joined  five or six years ago it must be a double blow. Having spent up to a couple of years trying to get in the job, what with all the queues at the time, they found out that they would have to work a further five years to get their full pension, now they’re discovering that as well as a reduced pension, they will have to pay almost £100 a month more for it.

The average copper will pay 3.2%  more for their pension. With all the other changes to pay and conditions officers could lose up to £4,000 a year. That’s on top of the effective pay cut due to the pay freeze. What a shame the government do fuck all about freezing gas bills, bank bonuses and shopping bills.

I guess every generation of coppers have to put up with their own set of changes during their career but I have to say, and not hoping to wish my life away, I’m bloody glad I retired when I did.