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July 28th, 2011

Another u-turn? Surely not

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Regular readers will know of my objections to the DNA database, or more specifically to keeping innocent people’s DNA records on file. I’m not one to champion the European Court of Human Rights but just to mention that in 2008 they ruled the British Government was retaining innocent people’s DNA records illegally and that they should delet them from the records.

The Labour government objected to this but in a mealey mouthed effort to go part way with the court’s recommendations, they agreed to delete these records after six years.

Now the coalition have gone even more mealey-mouthed by rescinding that decision & worming their way out of it by saying that they won’t delete the records but they will separate the identity of the records so that they won’t be easily identifiable. Both parts of the record will be kept apart and only matched up should the DNA record be of some future use.

Call me old fashioned but that just means they are still keeping innocent people’s DNA records.

I shouldn’t be surprised that the government has done a U-turn on policy, what with their record so far.