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July 16th, 2011

Where money is king

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It’s not only the police who are being handicapped by current drastic funding cuts. The government have announced this week that they are closing 2 prisons and selling 8 others in a bid to cut a whacking 25% off their budget.

No wonder Kenneth Clarke wants to let everyone out of prison if the plead guilty. Whilst there is room for debate on the efficacy of imprisonment and who should be sent to prison, there can be no doubt that some people need locking up.

However, it would appear that the government’s approach is not about doing the right thing for society, whatever that ‘right thing’  is, it is about how can we save cash.  Trying to correct the behaviour of  a few hundred thousand people costs money, without investment in in programmes which firstly remove law abiding citizens from risk and secondly change the mindset of those people creating the risk, merely condemns society to an unending circle of repetition.

The closure of HMP Latchmere House and HMP Brockhill will save the country nearly £11.5 million a year & reduce the available prison spaces by 377.

The solution cannot be sought when the overriding factor appears to be how many noughts there are on the financial spread sheet. The government deny it’s about money, spouting forth the mantra about their decision being based on the ability to “balance the need to increase efficiency”.

My arse.