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July 13th, 2011

America doing its bit

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Whilst checking the day’s news stories to find something for today’s entry, I happened across a football story, or rather a footballer story.

I’ve mentioned Joey Barton a couple of times, he with a penchant for violently√ā¬†assaulting√ā¬†people. Back in 2008 he was earning √ā¬£65,000 having been sentenced to two terms of imprisonment for separate assaults on a member of the public and a team mate, one term of which was suspended.

His team, Newcastle, are off to America for a pre-season jolly and Barton has been denied a visa due to his criminal record so he won’t be going. Instead he has to settle for a trip with the reserve team to Holland.

He has apparently posted on his Twitter page that he didn’t expect to be treated any differently from any other person in the same situation, but went on to say that it was hypocritical of the Americans ‘considering what they get up to’. He added, “I√ā¬†can’t be bothered dwelling on negatives, this is my last post about the visa situation.”

I suppose it is a real pain being reminded that you are a violent thug all the time.