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July 10th, 2011

Cutting our choppers off

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Another week another way to save cash by decreasing the service to the public.

Apparently, there are 33 police helicopters up and down the country. They do valuable work; where would all those traffic cop-type programmes be without all the footage supplied by police helicopter units,  to any TV company that wants it?

Someone has worked out that forces which don’t share a helicopter could do so and they’d be able to  do away with ten whole whirlybirds.

Now, call be an old cynic, cut the number of traffic officers I don’t recall the motoring public getting a better service. When they cut the number of open police stations I can’t think of hearing about any phonecalls or letters from the residents saying what a brilliant service the force now offers. I don’t think forces which have merged firearms, traffic, scenes of crime  or dogs are saying how much extra coverage they get these days.

I think I’ll be on safe ground by suggesting that the chances of getting a helicopter to your job once the National Police Air Service is created will be a little worse than they are now.