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July 5th, 2011

When’s my next course please?

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I rather enjoy going on courses, especially these days; it gets me out of the control room for a day or two.

Courses come about less frequently these days since someone decided you could teach yourself by following a computer course at your workstation. This sucks. Going on a course should be about getting you out of the environment you spend your working life within and thus encouraging an atmosphere where you can take in whatever it is they are trying to teach you.

Sitting at a computer, just like you do all day every day, surrounded by people shouting out PNC results on the radio in one ear and shouting at √ā¬†drunken abusive chavs who want the police “raan ‘ere naaah” is not the most√ā¬†conducive√ā¬†environment in which to absorb sufficient information so as to pass the ridiculously condescending test at the end.

The latest piece of ‘training’ is about 2012 and the emergency services. I’m told that all police, fire and ambulance service personnel will be doing this course, which consists of a few videos of Lord Coe & some token workers in all three services and appears aimed at the level commensurate for showing within a junior school. The irony is that the computers we work on every day, and therefore the ones we have to do the learning package on, don’t have speakers, so you have to watch several videos throughout it desperately trying to lip the correspondent.

It’s not the only one I’ve not been able to follow. The last one was something on mental health. I think it featured videos of people affected by mental health telling us how it affected them, but I’m not really sure.

The courses are done by the National Police Improvement Agency and are available to officers up and down the country. They’ve probably got a spreadsheet somewhere showing how many people have successfully completed the course. I doubt there are any statistics about how many of those who took the courses remembered anything.