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July 3rd, 2011

Doing it in the wind

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So the bosses have decided that in order to save money from the Airwave bill, they should have less channels. You’ll recall the Airwave system of radio, it’s based on secure mobile phone technology. The company who provides it must have seen the police coming when they decided to charge ‘per minute’, and we agreed. So less minutes talking means more money saved.

Brilliant, except that means less radio operators who have to do more work because they now have more police officers on their channel & have to swallow all the work that the closed channels used to take. Oh, and people who want to talk on the channel now have to wait longer because more people are using it.

So now they have realised that people still need to communicate they’re now getting them to try & make the broadcasts shorter. Good luck with that one, I know officers who can talk for Britain, who tell you the ins & outs of a cat’s arse on every job when all you need to hear is “ASNT” (area searched no trace).

The chief likes it, apparently this new way of working has saved the force £49.50.