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July 1st, 2011

Not just us then

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I like to keep a weather eye on what’s going in in the world of policing beyond these shores & my eye was taken with a story today about the Russian Police. It seems they are having the same pang of conscience that we in the UK are having over fitness levels of officers.

I posted just a couple of weeks ago about suggestions that the Police in the UK might actually do something about the appalling levels of fitness of some UK officers. The Russian Interior Minister seems to have had the same thoughts recently. He has told Russian officers to ‘lose weight or lose your job’ in an effort to improve the public perception of Russia’s officers.

I take an interest in the Russian Police because a few years ago I was involved in some professional exchanges with some Russian officers. I went on patrol with officers in several parts of that vast country. I even got to drive some of the worst police vehicles I’ve ever seen, ones that would have been taken off the road for construction & use offences in the UK but were in everyday use as patrol vehicles in Russia. Maybe, I’ll post about my experiences in Russia another time.

I was quite surprised that Russia didn’t already enforce a strict fitness regime with their officers. I assumed that this would be the case in the majority of countries & that the UK was 30 years behind everyone else in that regard. (maybe with the exception of America where it seems half the population are obese, wait a minute, who am I to talk?).

I’ll await with interest to see whether Russia or the UK are first to start sacking officers for being overweight. (I bet it’s not the UK!)