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June 30th, 2011

Plink, plink, fizz

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Were you in London today, and if so, did you call 999?

If you did you’d have got through to a control room where 90% of the civilian staff had gone on strike.

According the news reports the Met had to take officers off the streets to man the emergency telephone lines. Quotes of over 300 staff on strike have appeared. Instead of shouting at the lackeys to answer the 999 calls, the supervisors had to do it themselves today. I bet that came as a shock to the system.

I’m pleased to report that nobody went on strike in our force. Well, to be honest, I’m not that bothered whether they did or didn’t. I don’t think there was ever any mention of it by our Unison so perhaps nobody is bothered about their pensions in my force.

I was an officer during the last strike & civilian staff did take part though nowhere near as many as would have made much difference to the running of the room. There was a picket on the gate of HQ but not many people paid any attention to it.

Maybe my colleagues aren’t militant enough to bother striking, or perhaps they realise that it won’t do a blind bit of good. It was interesting to note that while there was a demo in London, there didn’t appear to be a great desire to smash shop windows or chuck rocks at police. I wonder why that was…