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June 24th, 2011

Envy of the World

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Well that’s that then. Not that I’ll have any time off around the Olympics to be able to attend anyway, but the family wanted to go.

What a fucking cock-up that was. If hear that jumped up little toffee-nosed squirt (Coe) come on telly another time and say how ‘fair’ the whole system was, I’ll check the TV through his bedroom window.

Of course it’s completely fair that  hundreds of thousands of people get fuck-all while one knob who happens to have  a lot of money gets £11,000′ worth of tickets out of a £30,000 request.

It’s completely fair that people we know got all £1,000′  worth of tickets they applied for while everyone else we know, including family Weeks, got zilch.

It’s completely fair that the British have to go through some stupid bloody system which means you have to take a complete financial leap in the darkwith absolutely no idea how much to bet , what you’ll get,if anything, nor how much it will cost you, while everyone else in Europe can go and buy the exact tickets they want when they want to pay for them.

And completely fair that the people who will be competing in the games can’t get tickets for their own family to see them in the pinnacles of their  careers.

Long time followers of this blog will chuckle at the irony that the only tickets left if the Weeks family want to see the Olympics are bloody football!

Fairness? Coe doesn’t know the meaning of the word.