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June 15th, 2011

No, Mr Bond, I expect you to work harder

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I’ve lost count of the amount of time I say I’m always amazed how much worse this job gets.

It’s almost like someone in one of the officer who run the joint (the control room, that is) is sitting back in a large reclining director’s chair, elbows poised on the arm rests, tips of fingers lightly resting against the opposite hand’s fingers whilst watching a bank of large flat-screen monitors with cameras pointed at all the controllers.

A fluffy white cat purrs loudly on his lap. An evil smile crawls across his face as he chuckles to himself, ‘now, what can I do today to make one of them break? come on, who’s going to snap first?’

Chuck out the working time directives on maximum working times without a break from the screen? done that. Take away the ‘privilege’ of being allowed to eat hot food at the desk? old hat. Make them wait 7 hours for a break in a 10-hour shift? nobody blanched. Take 25% of their staff away from radio control but leave the same workload? Easy peasy. Show support by suggesting that if they don’t like the changes they can get a new job? Send random messages around the room asking them to hurry up what they’re doing & answer the phones when they’re at their busiest so it really winds them up? Do it all the time. Cut their wages & make them sign new conditions of service otherwise they’re out. Simples. Send emails to everyone blaming extra work on people who go sick? Kindergarten stuff. Reduce staff so the number of ‘spare’s to help out when things get really really busy is zero? Child’s play.

Let rumours circulate that there will be amalgamations with other control rooms & people will lose their jobs (especially anyone who finds the current conditions ‘difficult’),

Yeah that’ll keep them in their place for a while longer.