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June 10th, 2011

Told ya so

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An update on a story I reported on in August last year.

You may recall the public outcry when officers ‘attacked’ the car of a pensioner in leafy Wales after he drove off following an incident in Gwent.  In a classic ‘trial by YouTube’ two officers were seen trying to smash the window of a vehicle which had just been ‘stung’ after failing to stop & a 17-minute pursuit.

The driver in the case has been found guilty of various traffic offences. Now that the case has concluded the disciplinary matters could be finalised.

The officers were investigated by senior officers from another force. After a 3-day hearing they have been found not guilty of any discipline matter.

A spokesman for the force said: “Gwent Police expects the highest professional standards of its officers and staff at all times and following a hearing where evidence of the whole incident, not just the isolated CCTV footage, was heard and the panel concluded that the actions of the officers were justified and did not breach the standards of professional behaviour expected of police officers.”

It seems my initial conclusion wasn’t that far from the truth, then.