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June 8th, 2011

On the line

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The trial has begun of a Spanish rioter who lives in Northern Ireland, after he threw a concrete block from the roof of shop onto the head of a police officer below. This was a riot in July 2010 in Belfast following an Orange parade.

The female officer was seriously injured and has only recently returned to work. Rodger Jarro Costa was told to apologise to the officer in open court. He had previously denied the charge but changed his plea the the last moment. The charge was attempted GBH.

The injured officer was one of 48 injured over a three-day period of rioting. The same officers whose wages are being cut, whose pension contributions are rising while the benefits fall, and whose colleagues are being retired early or whose jobs are being done away with despite government protestations to the contrary. The same officers who will be expected to put their own safety on the line every day in every town in the nation.