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June 1st, 2011

I like driving in my car

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I went to a museum  recently which had some police vehicles. One of them was an old Mk II Ford Escort. If you remember back as far as the late 70’s you’ll remember them, they came in navy blue or light blue.

The first patrol car I ever drove was an light blue Mk II Escort. I came back from my driving course ready for my first ever patrol driving a panda car. Unfortunately, my sergeant had other ideas; I was tasked with a week of single foot patrol. He said something about not wanting people coming back from their driving courses & going off full of excitement at being unleashed on the motoring public & having an accident.

For the next few years I drove the Escorts. The Cortinas were reserved for area car drivers; those with a bit longer in service. I had to wait a few years before I was allowed near one. The Mk IIs were gradually replaced by the hatchback MkIIIs.

I got stitched up once by a CID officer who took my panda out without filling in the log book & pranged it. As I was the last one named in the log book as using it, I got hauled in to the chief inspector when someone found it sitting in the rear yard at the nick with a damaged wing. In those days, damaging your police car was like the greatest sin. I’ve known people damage the car & take it to a friendly garage where they’d knock out the dent & give it a little respray before it was taken back at the end of a shift rather than own up to having a dink.

On another occasion I was sent out to get the milk for the shift tea club. It was the height of summer & I slung two bottles of milk on the back seat. I can’t remember exactly what happened, maybe one of them broke or maybe the lid just came off, but either way milk ended up all over the back seat.

I mopped it up as best I could & left it in the rear yard. Obviously, being a bloke, my attempts at cleaning the milk up were pretty poor. The next day, after sitting in the 80 degree heat for a while, I went to use the car to find out that you couldn’t even sit in the car, the smell was absolutely rank, you gagged just being near the open windows. I had the task of sorting it which weren’t great. It smelled awful for weeks.

Standing there at the motor museum I was completely taken back & lost in memories of my times driving those old Escorts. The only thing I missed when I came off the streets into the control room was driving.