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May 29th, 2011

Want a job?

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Not that one will be going any time soon in Cleveland Police, particularly the chief constable’s.

Chief Constable Sean Price is one of the highest earning police officers in the country. His basic wage is £130,000, unusually, his police authority gives him an annual ‘retention package’ of £50,000 to stop him wandering off to another force, with his bonuses & other bits and pieces, in 2009/10 he earned £208,000.

He is now being investigated by the IPCC for an allegation that he used his influence to get someone a job within his force. One would be forgiven for thinking that helping people into jobs was commonplace amongst senior officers what with the Chief & Deputy Chief of North Yorkshire being found out so recently. Given the results in Yorkshire though, it seems the chief of Cleveland won’t have too much to worry about should he be found guilty. (He strenuously denies any wrong-doing & seems to be hinting at suing anyone who made these allegations which come as a result of an investigation by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate into the way the Cleveland Police Authority did business. That investigation led to the resignation of the Police Authority Chairman & a criminal investigation into past & present members).

Graeme Maxwell, chief of North Yorkshire, also denied any wrong doing until a full investigation found against him & he suddenly changed his mind (when he realised he’d be let off with a warning.)