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May 28th, 2011

No surprise there

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I guess here is no real surprise that a convicted burglar has ben left out of prison after just one month of an 8 month sentence on the grounds that his & his children’s human rights have been violated in sending him to prison and rendering him unable to ‘care’ for them for the 5 days a week he has custody.

A few days ago I posted about Wayne Bishop appealing his sentence on human rights grounds. Yesterday three judges freed him from his sentence, suspending it for two years, saying that not enough consideration was given by the sentencing  judge to the welfare of the children.

It seems that there is no onus on the actual father to have his children’s best interests in mind otherwise, unless committing burglaries, making off from the scene, driving dangerously to try & escape and ramming police cars to avoid arrest is considering your kids’ best interests. But the state, yet again, has to pick up the tab for the best interests label.

Needless to say, Bishop had split from the mother of the children, who cares for them at weekends. His sister looked after the kids while he was in prison, she too is a single parent of 7 children. Did I mention a pattern in my first posting?

One of the judges in yesterday’s appeal ruling said: “It is important that criminals should not think that children can provide some sort of licence to commit criminal offences with impunity“, and then went on to give criminals the exact impression that it having kids actually is a licence to commit crime by freeing Bishop.