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May 9th, 2011

Epic Fail

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The Daily Fail is up in arms again about the police. The scandal it reveals today is that police officers are√ā¬†being√ā¬†disciplined in ‘secret’ hearings. It says in one paragraph that ‘hundreds’ of officers are being sacked in secret hearings. We’re not sure about how many hundreds & whether that is per week, month, year or since Robert Peel thought he had a great idea, then in the next paragraph we discover it’s up to 160 a year. Presumably ‘hundreds’ has far more impact than ‘160 a year’.

The Guardian puts its own spin on the story; it’s headline shouts: “Police hold closed hearings to sack 477 officers for misconduct” but then in the smaller print notes this is over the course of 3 years.

How many police officers are there? 140,000? & 160 are sacked or required to resign a year, doesn’t seem like an overly huge amount,√ā¬†especially√ā¬†as some of those sacked are for such heinous crimes as telling a poor taste joke or making obscene gestures to a colleague.

What seems to grab the ire of the Fail is not that 160 officers are being sacked but that their hearings are ‘in secret’, behind closed doors, where the likes of the Fail can’t get their grubby little reporters’ iphones.

Call me old fashioned but I’m not sure why the internal discipline procedures of the police force should be held in public. If criminal offences are involved they will all have been tried in a public court where the world & his wife is welcome to sit, knitting, at the back. If they’re not criminal matters then it is the business of the employee & the employer. Perhaps the Fail is just pissed off it didn’t get a personal invite to the trial.