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May 6th, 2011


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So, the ‘country’s top cop’ (the media’s usual phrase, not mine) has come out against the safety culture within the police.

Commenting on the coroner’s verdict on the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London, Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said that he wanted police officers to be as safe as possible but they shouldn’t be hampered in their duties by health & safety rules.

These are the guidelines, created by senior officers, that stop officers climbing over fences, checking anything not on the ground  or not being sent to an incident – because they’re not equipped suitably – leaving the public at often high risk of injury or death while a firearms unit comes from the other side of the county.

Stephenson said: “Cops join the force knowing they have to put their life on the line. Thankfully very few pay the ultimate price. Some get injured. They take risks … running across rooftops catching villains. I applaud them for doing that. I don’t want to criticise them or to be doing a risk assessment on every occasion.”

Someone should probably filter this down through the organisation because every night of the week we are failing in our duty due to health & safety & everyone up the line not being the one that has to answer questions if the wheel comes off.