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May 4th, 2011

May the 4th be with you

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Thanks to the Thin Blue Line for the heads up on this one.

Or not, at least in he case of  six officers from West Midlands Police who were forced to resign as a result of the government funding cutbacks.

Regulation A19 allows police authorities to make officers with 30 years’ or more service retire. West Midlands are one of around 15 forces currently using the regulation to save cash.

Retired PC, Martin Heard, was forced to retire after 32 years’ service. He described the move as devastating after he was left with the prospect of being kicked out of a job he’d given his life to & facing unemployment.

I can imagine how he felt on receiving a letter, a few weeks after his ‘sacking’, asking him to consider returning to the force as an unpaid special constable. Talk about a kick in the teeth. It seems strangely perverse saying that the force had no operational requirement for a fully paid police officer but could replace him with an unpaid officer. Who on earth at west Midlands thought it would be a good idea to sack someone & then ask them to do the job for free?

What a bunch of tossers.