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May 3rd, 2011

Keeping on track

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I have no idea where this is or what the guy was doing on the railway line, presumably he wasn’t trying to commit suicide. Unlike everyone else we’ve been dealing with at work this week, but that’s another story.

The first dead body I ever saw was a guy who had laid down on a railway track.

It was one of my first night shifts as a probationer. The call came in, I was foot patrol. The area car got sent to it but the sergeant picked me up as he thought it would be good experience for me.

We arrived at the scene. It was about half a mile from the railway station & we had to climb down an embankment to get to the tracks. In those days the British Transport Police weren’t as proactive as they are now. These days when you get a railway suicide the BTP get there quite quickly & take over from the locals. Back then the locals had the thing done & dusted before the telex arrived at BTP HQ.

Anyway, there were about six of us searching the area the train driver had reported seeing something on the lines as he slowed for the forthcoming station.

It wasn’t long before I saw a crumpled heap of clothes sprawled at the side of the track. Surprisingly there was not much damage. It seemed the guy had laid down with just his head on the track. The wheels had taken off the top of  his skull.

I was given the black bin liner & the task of collecting what human ‘debris’ there was.

An ambulance arrived & he was taken off to the local morgue with me & the sergeant following.

That was the night I discovered the black humour which keeps us sane when we have to do things like this. (But that’s a different, other story)