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May 31st, 2011

Find comfort here

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When one thinks of the nursing profession the usual images that spring to mind are on caring angels whose purpose is to help others.

Not so when you think about 42-year-old nursing assistant Corena Briley, who has just been jailed for 12 months for stealing.

Briley is the latest inductee into the ‘200 Weeks Scum of the Week Hall of Fame’. One thing which tends to knit together the previous celebrants of my award is their devious ability to prey on society’s most vulnerable. Judge Michael Stokes told Nottingham Crown Court: “It is difficult to imaging a more serious breach of trust.”

Briley worked at Nottingham’s city hospital & tended to patients dying of cancer. That & helping herself to cash, bank cards & other personal effects from the patients’ property. She was convicted of nine charges of theft & fraud.


May 30th, 2011

So sad

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Thoughts today with the family, friends & colleagues of an Australian police officer.

Senior Constable Damian Leeding, was shot in the face on Sunday whilst trying to stop an armed robbery in Queensland. Following medical advice, his family have made the decision to turn off his life support in the next 24 hours. He is married to a police officer & has a baby &  a two-year-old. His father & sister are thought to be heading to Australia from the UK but are expected to arrive after the life support machine has been turned off.

Three people have been arrested.

May 29th, 2011

Want a job?

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Not that one will be going any time soon in Cleveland Police, particularly the chief constable’s.

Chief Constable Sean Price is one of the highest earning police officers in the country. His basic wage is £130,000, unusually, his police authority gives him an annual ‘retention package’ of £50,000 to stop him wandering off to another force, with his bonuses & other bits and pieces, in 2009/10 he earned £208,000.

He is now being investigated by the IPCC for an allegation that he used his influence to get someone a job within his force. One would be forgiven for thinking that helping people into jobs was commonplace amongst senior officers what with the Chief & Deputy Chief of North Yorkshire being found out so recently. Given the results in Yorkshire though, it seems the chief of Cleveland won’t have too much to worry about should he be found guilty. (He strenuously denies any wrong-doing & seems to be hinting at suing anyone who made these allegations which come as a result of an investigation by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate into the way the Cleveland Police Authority did business. That investigation led to the resignation of the Police Authority Chairman & a criminal investigation into past & present members).

Graeme Maxwell, chief of North Yorkshire, also denied any wrong doing until a full investigation found against him & he suddenly changed his mind (when he realised he’d be let off with a warning.)

May 28th, 2011

No surprise there

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I guess here is no real surprise that a convicted burglar has ben left out of prison after just one month of an 8 month sentence on the grounds that his & his children’s human rights have been violated in sending him to prison and rendering him unable to ‘care’ for them for the 5 days a week he has custody.

A few days ago I posted about Wayne Bishop appealing his sentence on human rights grounds. Yesterday three judges freed him from his sentence, suspending it for two years, saying that not enough consideration was given by the sentencing  judge to the welfare of the children.

It seems that there is no onus on the actual father to have his children’s best interests in mind otherwise, unless committing burglaries, making off from the scene, driving dangerously to try & escape and ramming police cars to avoid arrest is considering your kids’ best interests. But the state, yet again, has to pick up the tab for the best interests label.

Needless to say, Bishop had split from the mother of the children, who cares for them at weekends. His sister looked after the kids while he was in prison, she too is a single parent of 7 children. Did I mention a pattern in my first posting?

One of the judges in yesterday’s appeal ruling said: “It is important that criminals should not think that children can provide some sort of licence to commit criminal offences with impunity“, and then went on to give criminals the exact impression that it having kids actually is a licence to commit crime by freeing Bishop.

May 27th, 2011

Blue Light Aware

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Doing my bit for public service broadcasting, you might like to check out the video below which is a little educational ditty on what to do when you see a blue light, given that half the people who have an emergency vehicle come up behind them seem to turn into muppets.

You have been educated & my work here is done.

May 26th, 2011

Some people haven’t got a clue

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There is much waving of editorial arms in the papers (here, here & here) about Thames Valley Police using a helicopter to search for a 15-year-old boy who kicked a football through someone’s greenhouse window.

A teenager was playing football in a pub garden when he kicked the ball over a fence and it smashed a window. Officers attended & one of them noticed the force helicopter overhead returning to base from another job. The helicopter was asked to do a sweep of the area in search for the boy. The Daily Fail described it as “scenes reminiscent of a Hollywood manhunt”, The Mirror says it cost £2,500 to search for the boy (who was found by the officers themselves a short while later).  I’ve no idea how much the Daily Mirror pays for their helicopter coverage but I know ours costs well under £1000. West Mercia Police are quoted as theirs costing £522, and that’s for an hiour, not a short diversion on route back to base.

Anyway, what caught my eye on this story was nothing about the appropriateness of otherwise of using the police helicopter to search for teenagers & low-level damage; it was what Taxpayers’ Alliance Campaign Director, Emma Boon, said to the Independent: “A kid accidentally kicking a football through a window should be a matter that neighbours can quietly resolve between them. It’s sad that this was not the case in this instance.”

There speaks a woman who clearly has absolutely no idea of society & policing.

The very thought that neighbours these days can quietly resolve issues between them is a bloody joke. half of police work is resolving issues between neighbours who can’t resolve issues between them, or rather don’t want to bother trying to resolve issues. And most of the ‘issues’ are nothing so serious as smashed windows. Neighbours parking with their bumper hanging over a drive, looking at their neighbour in a  funny way (seriously), neighbours kids leaving their bike on the joint path seriously), slagging each other off on Facebook, fence paint dripping over other neighbours’ side of the fence, cooking curry, etc, etc, et-bloody-ct.

Half of neighbours don’t even know each others’ names and have no idea about who their neighbours’ loved ones are in case of emergency. Thirty or forty years ago if a neighbour had fallen behind closed doors there were at least 2 people nearby who had keys (that’s if the door wasn’t unlocked), nowadays we have to smash the door down.

A matter that neighbours can quietly resolve between them?” Don’t make me laugh.

May 25th, 2011

With a wider perspective

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In my earlier days in the job I used to travel a lot. I went on various exchange trips to various countries & got to experience a little of what policing was like where they did it.

The enduring thing which struck me time and again was that no matter that the differences in training, procedures or society, policing was pretty similar wherever you went.

We are always moaning that a policeman’s lot is not a happy one. People were doing it the day I joined the job 32 years ago & they’ll be doing it long after this blog has stopped and I;cve shuffled off this mortal coil. But we really have nothing to moan about when you look at the lives of some police officers from further afield.

This week Maoist rebels in India attacked & killed nine police officers in Raipur. The officers were searching for terrorists and were returning to their base when they were ambushed. The terrorists them mutilated their bodies.

It puts complaining about a pay drop in perspective.

Rest in peace.

May 24th, 2011

The kiddy card

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Another day another attempt to get a criminal off using the Human Rights Act.

Wayne Bishop, a 33-year-old burglar was jailed for 8 months by Nottingham Crown Court in April this year. His sentence was made up of four months for burglary and four months for dangerous driving. He pleaded guilty.

His solicitor, an Ian Wise, says that  a prison sentence is against Article 8 of the Human Rights Act which, he says, violates Bishop’s right to a private family life. Wise appears to have been silent on Bishop’s victims’ rights to a private family life, which I’m pretty sure burgling their houses is a clear violation.

The reason it ‘violates’ the burglar’s rights is because he is a joint carer for his 5 children, custody of whom he shares with his ex-partner. Burglary, ex-partners, more than the average amount of children, well there’s a thing. Don’t suppose he gives a fuck about childcare when he’s out burgling.

The BBC News reports that Bishop’s appeal could be heard in the next few days.

Any bets?


May 23rd, 2011

Famous millionaire apparently shagged someone, shock

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I believe this man, whoever he is, has been in the news this week. I’m not sure for why but I understand it was something to do with being a twat, or a footballer, which is often the same thing.

May 22nd, 2011

Lowest yet?

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We haven’t had a “200weeks Scum of the Week Award” for a while, so here is the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame.

Step forward one Ben Henley, a 24-year-old from Manchester, who has just been jailed for three months for stealing a mobile phone.

Nothing particularly scummy in that, you might think, until you realise that his victim was a 22-year-old girl who had jumped from a multiple-storey car park.

As the woman lay dying and while someone else was trying to help her, Henley helped himself to her mobile phone.

The victim died, but that was OK because Henley got £30 for the phone when he sold it.

DS Mark Astbury of Greater Manchester Police said: “To steal from a dying woman instead of offering assistance or comfort is unforgivable.”

May 21st, 2011

No change there, then

Pc Nigel Albuery of the Metropolitan Police, was on patrol with a colleague this week when they stopped a group of  teenagers in Croydon.

The officer, part of the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team, was attacked and is seriously ill in hospital after being stabbed several times. Three teenagers have been arrested, one, Alastair Gregson aged 18, has been charged with GBH with intent on the officer, he has also been charged with unrelated offences of GBH on an 18-year-old female & intimidation of a witness. So just the kind of person that Kenneth Clarke wants to keep out of prison, then.

What struck me about the story were the comments from the officer’s Borough Commander, Adrian Roberts. He is quoted as saying: “I and my officers are shocked and concerned that this has happened but are determined to continue to deliver a professional service to the community of Croydon borough.

It is important to remember that this is an isolated incident.

Local officers have been tasked with increased patrols in the area to reassure the public, and we have spoken with our partners so that the community can share their concerns.”

Hmm, nothing about any concern for the officer, or anything about the management’s hope that he will make a quick & speedy recovery, nor that the police are doing everything they can to support the officer & his family & colleagues, or that the police are determined to bring the offender to justice and will press for a right & proper, severe sentence for such an outrageous and serious attack on an officer doing his day-t0-day job. Never mind anything about pointing out the dangers that officers face on a day-to-day basis, or the wish that proper equipment to defend themselves was/is/should be provided to officers.

There was so much opportunity to do the right thing and support the victim but instead the senior officers seem more concerned about ‘consulting with partners’ and ‘reassuring the public’. It seems victims are a priority for the bosses when it looks good in an annual report but not when the victim is a police officer.

What a wanker.

May 20th, 2011

National Police Week Tribute

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Another one from the US national Police Week…

A tribute to fallen American officers during 2011 Police Memorial Week.

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Not the kind of music I’d immediately have chosen for a memorial video. I can’t help feeling it would have more impact with a different choice.

May 19th, 2011

What week is it?

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Apparently, it’s National Police Week in the States.

Up to 40,000 police officers descend on Washington, DC for a series of events which includes the National Police Memorial Day on May 15th & a Candlelight Vigil in the memory of officers who have fallen through the years.

Can you imagine anything like this happening in the UK?

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Clearly we couldn’t do the Honour Guard thing since we don’t have anything resembling a ceremonial uniform & banned marching  & discipline lest it offended the poor ickly recruits’ sensibilities.


May 18th, 2011

Run away

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This is how the government expect us to tackle dangerous armed criminals, with a wheelie bin & a clean pair of heels.

Up to  thirty officers face a man armed with a two-foot machete. Imagine if he actually wanted to attack those officers, or made serious attempts to harm them. Or if he was intent on harming someone else & the officers tried to prevent it, the consequences of a lunatic running amok with a machete don’t bare thinking about.

And note that this is in the most heaviest policed city in the land, 30,000 officers. I don’t know anywhere in my area where you could get 30 officers to the scene any time quick. The Met have more firearms offices than anyone else & I don’t think I saw any on scene here, certainly nobody appeared to have Tasers. (I don’t think some guy in a suit with the purse strings allows mere front line troops in the met to have Tasers, they have to wait until a firearms officers arrives which, as you can see, can take longer than 7 minutes.

Look at the video & wonder whether you are happy that should that man with the machete turn up in your street, you’ll be sent the best, quickest & safest way to stop him.


May 17th, 2011

So sad

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A very sad story from across the Pond today regarding 4-year NYPD cop Philip Chlanda.

The officer was on duty in the early hours of this morning when he called home during a meal break. He saw posts on his girlfriend’s Facebook page which led him to believe she might leave him. They had an argument, then Chlanda left the flat he shared with his girlfriend. They continued arguing near the officer’s patrol car.

Then Chlanda, who was in uniform, took out his service weapon & shot himself in the head. He died as a result of his injuries.

A spokesman for the NYPD said Chalnda had an unblemished record with no issues.

What a waste.

May 16th, 2011

Weekend spoiler alert

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There you are, coming back from a lovely rest weekend, a bit of time with the wife & kids, sunny weather, a few days off work,  a BBQ & a bit of booze & just when life is fine, you come back to the most depressing news ever.

Ali Dizaei is out.


He must have a different definition of integrity to me; he lost his years ago.

May 15th, 2011

Still down

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Server is still down, we haven’t been taken offline. This is being posted from my phone & I’m hoping to be back soon.

Still, makes it easy to come up with an idea for an entry; there isn’t one

May 14th, 2011

Of servers & things

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I’ve been told that the server this blog is hosted on will be moving this weekend so it may be offline for a while, hopefully not too long

May 13th, 2011

Police force supports officer shock

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Somebody declined to follow instructions at a stop check, the officer thought he was going for a weapon so he dragged him out of the car & forcibly detained him.

It later turned out that the man had not committed any offences, was released without charge, but the force have said the officer acted reasonably & released footage of the incident, all within a few days of the incident

This did not, nor could it, happen in the UK. Where the officers’ bosses would have taken a wholly different approach which would still be under investigation by Christmas 2011 & beyond.

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May 12th, 2011

Of bolts and horses

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So the Metropolitan Police are set to bring their full weight to bear on the Madeleine McCann case.

Does this mean that eventually the McCanns are going to get nicked for child neglect?

Ooh, controversial!!