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April 26th, 2011

Darwin inductee?

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It would have been a classic nomination for a Darwin Award (except the pratt didn’t die), when a 25-year-old Ontario, Canada man tried to set his Pitbull dog ion a neighbour.

During a heated exchange between the neighbours, the dog owner got his Pitbull out & told the neighbour that his dog was going to tear him apart. When the dog failed to attack the neighbour on command, the owner began hitting it in an attempt to wind it up & get it more aggressive. Presumably the dog, having more sense than the owner, had enough of that treatment & jumped up biting the owner on the face & arm.

The owner was rescued by a passer-by, but being bitten didn’t stop him punching the neighbour & returning a short while later with a mate & trying to get his dog to attack the neighbour for a second time. Unfortunately, the reports don’t say that the Pitbull had another bite out of its master.