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April 24th, 2011

We won’t be caught out like that again

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So aid someone our way when told of the debacle that was Christmas when they decided to have less than half the normal staff on duty, both on the street & in the control room, forced the controllers to double the work with half the staff & sent the stress levels through the roof because we couldn’t cope.

One would have hoped that, as with everything else senior officers are called to account for ‘lessons will be learnt’.

So one wonders what exactly the rationale was on the very next bank  holiday after Christmas, they decided to do exactly the same & cut control room staff by half & give most of the front line staff a bank holiday, putting out precisely no PCSOs & no neighbourhood officers.

Now I’m no brain surgeon but something tells me that a bank holiday Good Friday, during school holidays, is a particular time when the priorities that neighbourhood policing is supposed to embrace, would be at their most demanding; everyone at home, probably hitting the booze for an extra long weekend, gorgeous weather keeping everyone outside. So the calls for service went through the roof & there were precisely no neigbourhood officers to take any of the pressure off the front line officers, whose numbers were also cut.

The number of jobs on my box were far greater than any of the Christmas bank holidays. The stress I suffered was far greater too. I was that close to just getting up & walking out with my next visit being the doctors for a couple of weeks of R & R to recover.

The jobs piled up, there were hours that I didn’t even remember what jobs I had to deal with, much less knew whether they were important or not. People just got ignored.

We saved an awful lot of cash this weekend. The service to the public was utter shite.

Our force: Putting people first, except when it costs money.