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April 22nd, 2011

What a waste

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With all the talk of job losses within the police & the wage cuts that some of us are already suffering, it never ceases to amaze me the way constabularies, of have had their budgets cut by 20%, find to fritter away that oh so valuable cash.

Take Greater Manchester Police, for instance. they’ve just produced their annual report on how they are meeting their priorities. The Police Authority produced the report in print & then mailed to it all their parishioners, at a cost of some £47,000.

Then there’s Kent whose report cost them £68,000 or Thames Valley who have spent £95,470, or Northamptonshire at £63,000, or Surrey & West Mids at £84,000.

Some forces, like Devon & Cornwall publish theirs on their website at no extra cost.

The Tax Payers’ Alliance reckons that around £1 million is wasted by forces printing & circulating their annual reports when they could be published freely on their websites & downloaded by only those actually interested in reading them.