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April 13th, 2011

Those who can’t, cont’d

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So I didn’t really finish my post off yesterday. It was about supervisors creating shite for overworked controllers. I got kind of sidetracked as the post went on.

As I was saying, we close a log with several Home Office codes, these are national codes used by all forces & enable statistics to be compiled about all the jobs we deal with.

Sometimes we pick the wrong code. This is either because we made a simple mistake & picked the wrong one from a drop down list in our haste to get rid of the log & get onto the next one, sometimes it’s because we interpret a job differently from the supervisor. For example, it’s quite easy to pick ‘suspicious package’ when you actually meant to pick ‘suspicious incident’.

So the log goes to supervisor’s desk to get closed & they notice an error. It would take them less than 4 seconds to correct the error & close the log. Some supervisors do, but others want to make a point, so they decline to close the log & send it electronically back to the controller having typed on it something like ‘please change the code to ‘suspicious incident’. The controller gets the log back on their screen, has to accept it, open it, read the message & then fill in the codes again to close it and then send it back to the supervisor. The extra work might take 90 seconds.

That’s OK when you’ve got f-all to do but when you are busy, it is simply extra stress, created directly by the supervisor. Stress which you can really do without because you are pretty bloody stressed as it is.

Some supervisors understand this, realise your mistake was a simple error probably because you;re too busy & under stress & they deal with it, thus solving a problem.

Others appear to think that as you made the error you better sort it out & create a problem for you. They are the kind of people who do not subscribe to the theory that a person who never made a mistake never made anything.