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April 7th, 2011

It’s not all bad news

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Another MP facing a stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure in the next few weeks.

Ex Labour minister, Elliott Morley, pleaded guilty to fraud today after being caught out last year fiddling his expenses. He had previously described claiming £32,000 illegally – part of which was for a mortgage that had already been paid off – as a ‘mistake’. He denied the charges & was due to be trialled next week before he changed his mind, presumably realising that his definition of ‘mistake’ & the rest of the country’s was somewhat different. (perhaps the court will take account of the bill he has run up to the taxpayer for pleading not guilty & forcing the prosecution to go to the expense of preparing a trial, eh?)

Morley is the most senior MP to be prosecuted over the expenses debacle. His largess is also the largest of the MPs who have so far been jailed. He will be sentenced in May & with any luck, will go the way of the others who have received a prison sentence.