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March 11th, 2011

Two for the front row please

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As tickets for the Olympics go on sale & excitement reaches fever pitch, possibly, I’m kind of underwhelmed.

The thought of going to an Olympics is really exciting, I’d never be able to see them abroad (we don’t take foreign holidays) & the chance of seeing them in the UK will probably occur just once before I die.

Unfortunately, like many forces up & down the country, I’m not able to book any holiday for the Olympics. Due to the ‘exigencies of the service’ (a phrase used by people who want to fuck your private life about) all leave for the period of the Olympics is currently banned. This means no holiday can be booked for the summer of 2012 until some unspecified time in the future. There seems to be little point in applying for tickets because I probably won’t be able to go to anything worth while & if I try to flog them on, I’ll doubtless end up with a twenty grand fine.

It  doesn’t seem to matter whether we are hosting the bloody thing whole (we’re not) or are just looking after the Vanuatu table tennis team. We’re not allowed to book any holiday next summer.

You’d have thought with years to plan the policing of the Olympics, they might know by now how many people they are going to require to work, but no. So I can’t book any holiday next year, not for a few months at least.

If you get any tickets, I hope you enjoy it, I’ll probably watch it on my Sky plus box after work.