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March 8th, 2011

So there it is

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There we have it, the Winsor Report, or part one, anyway. It’s a weighty tome, I haven’t read, it.

Some of the salient points are abolition of the Competency Related Pay scheme. This was something of a pay-rise for competent officers with more than five years’ service, in another name. All you had to do to get it was copy someone else’s reasons why you’re good at your job & Bob’s your uncle, an extra ├é┬ú800 a year. It made up for some of the other things we lost but was no great shakes.

Special Priority Payments are to be abolished. this was a completely├é┬ádivisive├é┬ápayment which chief constables could decide which departments merited extra cash. So different people got it in different forces. It went to departments like detectives, firearms officers, neighbourhood policing, all of which I’d argue had an easier job than that of a front line 24/7 officer on a day-to-day basis. The rules were that the force could only ever give it to a certain percentage of its officers.

Casual overtime will be paid at basic rate & the series of increments based on years of service will be done away with.

On a positive note, officers who work unsocial hours will be compensated with a 10% increase. I have never understood why someone who sits on his arse typing emails & making phone calls 9-5 with weekends off gets exactly the same as a copper rolling around the streets in the rain with a drunken yob at 3 in the morning. This change will go some way to redressing that & is long overdue.

The first part of the report doesn’t seem as bad as it could have been. Let’s see what part 2 has in store.