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March 6th, 2011

More chickens

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I posted a couple of weeks ago about some misgivings I had over the British arming & training certain middle eastern countries & what was going on out there.

News this week that even now over 100 Libyan police  officers are studying in the UK & being trained in leadership & forensics by institutions & companies in a deal worth £4million.

The Telegraph reports today that 200 Libyans are currently in the UK as 103 are taking a masters degree at Huddersfield uni. One only has to look at what the Libyan police are doing to their own people out in Libya right now under the authorship of their leader.

So who would profit from such a deal (apart from Huddersfield University)?

Step forward one Lord John Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, ex commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, 2000-2005, who now runs his own training company.

Talk about jobs for the boys.