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March 1st, 2011

We’re all family

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I often post about police officers from America who are killed on duty, thankfully, I post less often about UK police officers in similar situations. I rarely post about our brothers & sisters closer to home, so thoughts this week to the family, friends & colleagues of two Greek police officers who were murdered on duty this week.

Following a call from a kiosk owner that he had been robbed by the occupants of a jeep, two motorcycle officers spotted the vehicle & gave chase. Reports say that the offenders opened fire from the vehicle on the officers with an Kalashnikov rifle & pistol killing one of the officers instantly. The other died as a result of his injuries in hospital.

I have travelled to many European countries over my time & patrolled the streets in several different countries with officers from different nations. The one thing which has always struck me as that we are ordinary people doing an extraordinary job which is basically the same no matter where you are.