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February 8th, 2011

Like a woman scorned

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Ann Timson probably wouldn’t describe herself as a ‘have-a-go hero’.

The 70-year-old was out shopping in Northampton when she heard a commotion. She saw four males outside a jewellers shop, fearing they were beatring up another lad she ran to them shouting at them to stop. It was only when she got nearer she found they were smashing the window of the jewellers. She did not more than start whacking the robbers over their heads with her shopping bag.

Other members of the public joined her & they managed to detain one of the males before they could steal anything. Three others were arrested a short while later.

February 7th, 2011

Innovative Speed Enforcement

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February 6th, 2011

You couldn’t make it up

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One wonders what Inspector Jo Northmore was thinking when she went out on the piss last Sunday, or indeed if she was thinking at all.

News reports this weekend say that the City of London Inspector works at the force’s control room where she has a responsibility to make sure calls about anti-social behaviour are dealt with correctly.

She was stopped by two Met officers as she made her way home from a night on the piss. She was challenged by the officers for overturning a road sign but she refused to pick it up walked off being abusive.

The officers caught her up whereupon she refused to apologise issued further abuse. The good inspector was then arrested for public order offences carted off to the local custody suite.
Northmore was given an £80 fixed penalty ticket for being drunk disorderly.

The Sun reports that the next night she was appearing in photos on Facebook out with drunken friends at another nightclub.

February 5th, 2011

Never believe a druggie

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I’m told the following clip shows an arrested drugged up male (difficult to believe in itself if you watch the clip), who told the officer they felt sick – hence the bowl – and needed some fresh air….

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February 4th, 2011

Plastic fantastic

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Regular readers will know how much celebrity status impresses me, so I’m rubbing my hands about the tale of an Essex tart who was given  the red carpet treatment by Surrey Police on the M25 this week.

Take a look at the story yourself & make your own mind up, good policing & the protection of public safety or pandering to the whim of an overblown self-important plastic waste of space.

You decide.

February 3rd, 2011

Och aye the noo

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The Scottish Police will have a new pay deal later this year which will save them £8million.

Special Priority Payments will be abolished as will performance-related bonus payments to superintendents & chief police officers, hurrah!

The Special Priority Payment scheme was divisive as it was only allowed to go to a certain percentage of the force & each force could chose to whom they paid it. It went to various groups. One of the excuses for getting it was being in a role which had difficulty retaining staff, such as detectives or neighbourhood officers. What it didn’t go to was front-line 24-hour police officers which seemed rather strange sihnce nobosy not on the front line ever wants to go back there.

We’ll see what the future holds for England & Wales, but I guess following Scotland’s lead wouldn’t be a bad start.

February 2nd, 2011

Family Silver

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As the cuts start to bite we’re seeing police stations closing & therefore the level of service to the public go down.

Senior officers & the talking heads the trawl out in front of the TV cameras will never admit that front line service provision ever suffers but it seems pretty straightforward to me, your local community has a police station which they can attend on a whole variety of matters at the time of their choosing & convenience. The opening hours are restricted so they must attend at particular times, sometimes only for a few hours a day, but the service to that community is not diminished.

Close the police station so there is no local service provision, anyone wanting to attend a police station must drive 15 miles to the nearest open one (if they’re lucky, it might be many more miles than that), but somehow service to the community is being maintained.

Sell the police station & the land it is on to a company who will end up making millions of pounds of profit afterwards. The force has a few million quid in the bank, that’s in the first year of a four year ‘austerity programme’ where we need to save tens of millions each year for those four years.

What are we going to sell next year, and in 2013 & in 2014?

February 1st, 2011

Is that it?

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So the new crime maps are out, if you can manage to get on the website. I don’t think the pre-launch planning took into account that a national launch, appearing on all the TV news & print papers & everywhere else, would possibly lead to lots of people wanting to take a look.

I don’t suppose most people could get anywhere near the site before it fell over for all the journalists checking it out to fill the 24-hour rolling news broadcasts I seem to have heard & seen all day.

The principle is simple, you go online, put in your postcode & you can find out how much crime there is in your area. Insurance companies must love it, they can instantly tell what kind of area you live in & whack up the premiums for everyone in a high crime area. They can also reduce the premiums for everyone in low crime areas. OK, I made that last bit up.

Except nothing is ever as simple as raw statistics suggest.

The system collects data from all the forces & presents it in a very unique way, incorrectly, or should that be misleadingly. For instance, if there are 12 dwellings or less in an area they won;t show crime figures in case you can work out which victim in that street got, er, victimised. So they might put the figures in a nearby street, but there mght be several other areas with less than 12 dwellings so their figures get lumped on that same other street. One inspector somewhere was explaining why one particular street was showing over 100 offences since December actually only had 5 because the rest of the figures came from other areas.

A street with a Primark on it & no houses might have 200 crimes, but these crimes are registered against a housing estate next door through which only Mother Theresa ever walks.

Talking heads on radio & TV have been saying that there is not an iota of research which suggests that this facility has or can reduce crime or increase public confidence in the police, presumably pretty high on the list for having the thing in the first place. It cost £300,000 to develop.

I tried to get on it several times today, I managed just prior to writing this piece & had a quick look around. It’s quite interesting, for about five minutes. I suspect I might visit it a couple of times over the next 2 days & then never visit again, much like  most of the 5million people an hour that have been trying to view it today., if it hasn’t crashed.