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February 28th, 2011

He shoots, he scores

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Another day, another overpaid jerk shoots himself in the foot, or is that shoots someone else in the side?

When trawling around the memory banks or Google News section fails to come up with something for the old daily blog, you can always rely on a professional footballer to come up with something.

Ashley Cole, serial shagger & Chelsea star, apparently took a new air rifle to work. The .22 rifle, fitted with a muzzle & night scope somehow got fired at close range at one of the club’s interns at Chelsea’s training ground in Surrey. (I have no idea what a football intern is but I’m guessing it is someone employed by a multi-million-pound business on wages not dissimilar to the minimum wage). 21-year-old Tom Cowan was treated by the team’s medical staff.

The Guardian reports that Cole didn’t realise the weapon was loaded. Police are deciding whether any charges should be brought against Cole. Cole has been fined two week’s wages for breaching club rules about bringing weapons to work. That amounts to a paltry £250,000 fine, or about ten years’ wages for a police officer.

What a tosser.