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February 24th, 2011

Going for a Song

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I love a good football story.

Arsenal star, Alex Song, managed to get his car seized last week after he was stopped for speeding in Hertfordshire. The BBC News story reports that he allegedly drove off from officers after refusing to give details. The officers pursued & stopped him.

Song was unable to prove that he was insured to drive the car & so it was seized.

Normally what happens is that the PNC database will be checked, this will show whether there is any current insurance on the vehicle & can be done within a few seconds of identifying the vehicle. Though no foolproof, there are occasions when a vehicle is insured but this does not show up on the insurance database, officers usually make other checks at the roadside. This may involve checking the insurance of another car to see if the policy covers the driver driving the car they are currently using, or ringing up an insurance company from the roadside to see if the driver actually does have cover. When these checks fail the car is seized.

I expect there will be a suitable explanation why Song failed to be able to provide evidence of his insurance, after all, it’s not like a multi millionaire would ever have a problem paying his premiums.